Transport of ophthalmic equipment
1 January 2021

YES, Finally the time has come, the site is online! Unfortunately, the page SOLE is not filled yet. SOLE is the organization for organizing ophthalmic care in Angola.

What’s the situation now?! That is why I am now learning Portuguese (the language in Angola) and I am still waiting for a response from the SOLE foundation, to continue the preparations such as applying for a visa, arranging insurance etc. etc… However, as it looks now, it is not possible to enter Angola. And when it will be possible is very uncertain.

Fortunately, I can organize transport from the Netherlands. Often I am offered equipment! And that is what I do (see also the Projects page). Donations to make this possible are always welcome! In the picture is doctor Steve, who is very happy with this device (autorefractor meter; eye strength meter), which arrived with the first transport.

I received a large box of Portuguese gospel literature, including very nice children’s calendars. I am very happy with that! We are going to send it to Angola. Even though I am in the Netherlands, I can still contribute! There is nothing better than to be able to pass on the gospel message to people!

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