I can't do this work alone, that's why I'm glad there are people who support me. At the moment it seems like there aren't many people in my home team. That's not true. There are a lot of people behind the scenes who help me in different ways!

Evelien Spijkstra

Chairman and treasurer

I am a sister-in-law of Naomi. Behind the scenes I help Naomi with organizational things like her administration, keeping track of contacts etc. When donations are made I make sure a confirmation letter is sent that the donation has been received. And I can help her with other practical matters.


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I could actually use the expertise of an optician for the projects I do. After all, he knows everything about grinding glasses, about frames and the different types of lenses. Think about what equipment an optician needs if he wants to start his own store. This is how I came into contact with Arston. A very, motivated and always friendly man. He is an independent optician and in the process he is also a Christian! Arston himself has his roots in the neighboring country Congo-Kinshasa, but has been living in the Netherlands since his childhood. When he heard about my mission he immediately decided to support me. He became part of the team and does so with great enthusiasm. See also his own website;