Bring the light to those who are still in darkness!

In Angola, good ophthalmic care is far from normal. There are very few ophthalmologists and there is a lack of well-trained staff and good equipment. Therefore people are often unnecessarily visually impaired or blind. My mission is to contribute to the improvement of ophthalmological care!

Not long after I was in Rwanda, I came into contact with Dr. Steve Collins, who is very motivated to fly with the MAF to remote areas, to provide ophthalmological care to often (almost) blind people. In the end, I went to Angola myself and was able to see with my own eyes how serious the situation there is. It touched my heart! And thus, little by little it became clear to me that God has a task for me in Angola!


God can only work through us if we are prepared to do what He puts on our path!


Bring the light to those who are still in darkness!

This mission is twofold:
- To contribute to ophthalmological aid in Angola!
- Let the divine light shine; spread the gospel!

How am I going to do this:
- Supporting ophthalmologists in consultations, operations etc.
- Contributing to the training of ophthalmological assistants
- Organising the transport of equipment
- Being a a witness of the Light of the world in walk and talk; also by handing out gospel material, calendars etc.